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 Cannonau and Vermentino, local vine varieties that express Sardinia. In Olianas – together with Tintillu, Nasco, Bovale, Carignano – they become our wines.  
The wine

Our wines are soft and elegant, the result of an accurate work in the vineyard and the constant search for the best balance between foliage and fruit.

The proper ripening of the grapes gives fruitiness and sweetness, while the rational use of wood in the refinement stage provides excellent spiciness, well-balanced in order to prevent dominance.

In Olianas, all the steps of winemaking take place in full respect of the quality of grapes and each intervention limits to the utmost the use of additives.

  • Fermentation takes place without the inoculation of yeasts;
  • We eliminate the sulphur, or we limit it at 50% of the values set by the biological regulation;
  • Any additive that cannot be eliminated by decantation or filtration is banned: no peels or yeast lysates or rubber of any kind.
  • Clarifications here are made only with natural products of local origin: the shells of our eggs or proteins of our potatoes, for example.

The result? Healthy wines because they are Bio-integrated, excellent because we love a good drink.

Even our labels speak Sardinian, word of the four Moors

Even our labels speak Sardinian, word of the four Moors

Sardinian Red Wines